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Family owned and Operated, Uncle Oogie's Pizzeria opened in 1996 in Sea Isle City NJ. Their unique blend of Italian and South Philadelphian cuisine quickly garnered a strong following. Truly a family operated business, Uncle Oogie's strives to be a leader. Their passion for quality and value has made them the favorite for many families vacationing in Sea Isle City.

In 2008 Uncle Oogie's brought their business home, opening Uncle Oogie's in South Philadelphia. Opening in the neighborhood they grew up in and still call home has been very special. In the few years since opening, their commitment and passion have enabled them to stand out in a very competitive environment.

In Loving Memory of Janice Cerone, Founder of Uncle Oogie's

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Let us be your professional caterers, within your size and budget. Leave the worrying to us and we’ll leave the celebrating to you. We will be happy to help you and make your event memorable!




36 Snyder Ave
Philadelphia, PA
6118 Landis Ave
Sea Isle City, NJ


Fri, Sat
10:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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10:00 AM - 10:00 PM